The Pendulum - Body Scan
by Joe Smith

The Body Scan is as follows. 

Draw the outline of the human form on a sheet of paper. Place the persons name and any other thing that identifies them to you, age what ever. 

Now take your pendulum and ask for just past injuries and operations on this person. BUT make sure you have permission from THAT person. Like Walt mentions and I have said many times. Don't invade someone's private business. 

Take the Pendulum and start at the feet, first one and then the other. You use a search motion which is the same as your yes motion. when you come across a spot just mark an X and go on up the leg. When you hit a spot where there was an injury, the pendulum will swing in a circle. Mark it and move on to the next one. 

When you hit an area, say in the lower stomach area , ask if it is in front or back, could be back operation or a hernia operation. The size of the circle will tell you how serious the injury was, small circle , minor problem. larger circle bigger problem. Set up a line of questions of all the things it could be, broken arm broken leg?? what ever. could be an old war injury. That's where the questions come in. 

But you first need to learn how to use that Pendulum. So when you want to try this out Just use me as a target, Joe Smith 71 years old, Johnson NE. When every one is through I will tell it all and you can find out just how good you are with the body scan. 

Walt doesn't mention the body scan but does mention that it is against most state laws to diagnose with out a license. By looking for past injuries you are not breaking the law and you have my permission. So now you have a target to work on. One hint to help you. There are lots of places to mark. This is a good exercise for some of you expert dowsers, unless you are afraid to try. 

Also, when doing the body scan , draw another outline for the back side. That way if the person has had injuries on that side it is easier to locate.


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